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Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path - Day 3rd - September 8, 2007

From Castle Acre to Sedgeford (23 km c.a.)

6,30 a.m.

I can't sleep any longer. Anyway I've slept quite well and gone to bed rather early.
I asked to have breakfast at 7,45 so, while I'm waiting, I take the opportunity for writing my journal.
Happily, this morning no headache at all!
The weather is cloudy but, if it's like yesterday, it should clear up and warm up as well. Anyway for walking better cold than hot so long as it doesn't rain.
The shirt and t-shirt I washed yesterday dried up fine notwithstanding the lack of fresh air (extremely tiny window).
I'm opening a new section in my notebook: Lessons learned and how to improve the next hike.

10,45 a.m

First stop of the day (National Grid Reference TF 783 223).
I've covered c.a. 8 km (nearly 1/3rd of the daily stage).
I'm a little worried about the blister; it broke out and it's hurting a lot. Let's hope it won't get infected.
The grass was so wet that the moist entered the shoes which now are quite damp as well as the socks.
Can't understand, during the Cotswold walking last July, they seemed waterproof. One more reason to change them for a lighter footwear (maybe with overshoes).
The rucksack seems more comfortable today. It's a question of adjustment in relation to the barycenter. I moved it up a bit and it works better.
Here the trail is a small grass path bordered by hedges and big trees. On the right there are cultivated fields and on the left meadows with horses.
The weather is cloudy again. Anyway the shorts are perfect for this weather even if on early morning it's a little fresh.

1,00 p.m.

Lunch halt (National Grid Reference TF 762 274).

I've just crossed the higher point of the Peddars Way: 92 m. marked by an Ordnance Survey triangulation point.The wind begins to blow: I had to put on the shirt again.
The emergency blanket is very useful for isolating the dampness when sitting or lay down.
The maps shows 11 km to the goal: so I'm further than half way.

4,00 p.m.

Last stop of the stage (National Grid Reference TF 740 330).
No more than 5 km to Sedgeford.

Sedgeford, 7,15 p.m.

I'm resting a little lying on the bed of my chamber while waiting for dinner time (reserved at the local pub for 8,30 p.m.).
B&B is very nice and fine charming people are its tenants: Mr. and Mrs. Frost (but not cold at all). Typical English house with a lot of objects.
The pain caused by the blister makes one to walk unnaturally and this - in its turn - causes pain to the ankle. I need to take some more Rhus.

Sedgeford, 8,30 p.m.

I'm in the local pub: very nice and typical. Unfortunately, as my place was already reserved by Mrs. Frost, I couldn't take place at the bar which I prefer, being less formal, more genuine and cheaper (not so sure of this: can't see a real separation between the two areas).
The village is very small and scattered; no real center.
Unfortunately the cell phone hasn't got any connection and the only public telephone is out of order. I wouldn't like Chantal worried about my silence.
This evening I've overdone it: got a whole pint instead than half one. Got a Norfolk ale: stronger the the ordinary bitter.
I ordered steak and ale pie: something really typical.
The weather has changed: very damp now; but I don't think because the rain.
I realizing that the beer is stronger than the ordinary bitter!
The waitress didn't look like native. Probably from Eastern Europe. Tall and slender. Quite nice.

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