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Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path - Day 2nd - September 7, 2007

From Watton to Castle Acre (25 km c.a)

10,40 a.m.

First break: just a little bit before Houghton Carr (National Grid Reference: TF 861 050).

Woke up with headache and not yet over. Moreover, went to sleep very late because watched, till late, the TV documentary on Pavarotti.
Breakfasted without appetite because headache; didn't have beans nor sausages.
Earlier in the morning the sky was forecast and the air fresh; now the weather is fine.
This first pause (where I'm writing at the moment) comes after 2 hours walk (set out from Watton at 8,37 a.m.).
I've entered a freshly cut field through a broken hedge to find a quiet spot: thus far the trail has run on the very road. Only between Watton and Little Kressingham the trail was partially behind the hedge on the brim of fields and meadows. The traffic was intense and the noise disturbing.
From Kressingam to here one has to walk directly on a narrow road minding the motor vehicles (happily I counted no more than five).
Compared to yesterday the landscape has changed; no more woods but cultivated fields (mostly cereals and hay). But there are still squirrels (crossing the road) and pheasants.
Just now, one is repeating its cry at the bottom of the field before me.
I've started to take Rhus because I'm feeling some pain like inflammation.

1,30 p.m.

Snack stop: (National Grid Reference: TF 849 085).

Here the trail is bordered on both sides by hedges and scattered big trees.
Before North Pickenham it was so warm that I was obliged to take off the shirt and put on the sun hat.
The headache had decreased but now is getting fairly strong again (the food?).
Since this morning I've walked 14,5 km. Now I can slack down: only 9 km left to the stage (Castle Acre).

3,30 p.m.

I've been obliged to stop again for a little rest. I was exhausted. Still 5 km to Castle Acre (National Grid Reference: TF 825 125).
It's really hot. Water finished. Headache almost ceased but don't know whether I will eat at the pub this evening. If I find a grocer I'll get some cucumber, cheese and pear and after eating I'll go to have a beer at the pub.

Castle Acre, evening

Nowhere for buying food so I'm going to dine in one of the two local pubs.
The village is nice. There is a remarkable old gate (in flintstone), a medieval church with its churchyard just facing the B&B. There are also remnants of a castle and a priory.
Before entering the village (by the Peddars Way) one crosses a stream through a wooden foot-bridge. The stream seems quite clean; a child was bathing in.

The B&B (Willow Cottage) - nice and clean - is located in a traditional old flintstone house.

I was afraid to not being able to arrive at Castle Acre. I got a blister to a left foot toe. Let's hope for tomorrow: 26 km stretch!
According to the pedometer today I've walked 25 km.
Tomorrow there is a pretty solitary stretch. There is also the appeal of catching - perhaps - a glimpse of the sea (The Wash).

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