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Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast Path - Day 6th - September 11, 2007

From Warham to Wiveton (20 km c.a)

Blackney 1,30 p.m.

Today I've already covered 11,5 km: more than half the daily stretch. Today is the shortest stage: about 20 km.

Yesterday was a tough day; not only I covered 27 km but I walked the last 4 in quick pace because it was getting late and I was afraid to loose my room. I arrived to the inn after 6,30 p.m.
Today, the breakfast was worthy the pub class. Even cotton napkins.
I set out late: half past ten. I've been chatting during breakfast with the other guests: two nice Scots, one from Edinburgh and the other from near Glasgow.
Apropos the quality of the inn, there was even a bathrobe.
Today, beside the blister, even the knees hurt. Probably walking fast with a heavy load.
Still fine weather: clouds and sun; the wind is less strong than yesterday. I took off the waterproof jacket. I'd like to wear the shorts but sometimes the wind blows a little freshly.
Along the coast I'm meeting a lot of walkers; from their gear, they seem circular walkers. The only long distance walker I've met thus far is the yesterday one and, perhaps, another one on the 3rd day along the Peddars Way.
The café where I'm writing at the moment is very nice. Board floor, light yellow walls and withe moulding. They serve food as well. I had a slice of nut cake and a coffee.

Cley next the Seas 8,00 p.m.

I'm in another splendid pub: Three Swallows. The local pub near my B&B in Wiveton was full so I had to walk to Cley (one more mile) but it is far better like this because actually it was a pub aspiring to be a restaurant (candles, etc.).
This is a genuine old pub: plank floor, tables side by side, etc.
Ordered "Venison Casserole" and one pint of bitter "Adams".
Sadly the smoked mackerel was finished.
I'm a little concerned by the return to the B&B in the night: no pavement and all my garments are black. Let's hope the napkin is light coloured: I'll use it as sign for the cars.
The waitress has just brought the casserole: a kind of stew with potatoes, carrots, broccoli and peas. I'm waiting a bit: it's very hot.
Blakney - where I stopped this afternoon and had a coffee - is a very beautiful town.
I climbed up to the hill where there is a fine medieval church.

The venison casserole was good only too much laurel and the vegetables - as a rule - only boiled. The potatoes, at least, take some gravy.
Here dogs seem to be always allowed in the pubs. Even the guests just beside me have got one which - as matter of fact - I had to disturb in order to sit down: the tables are very close and I wanted to stay with my back to the wall in order to look at the pub life; besides, the other way I would have been like secluded.
Before leaving the B&B I met the landlord: nice and handsome man, rather my age but with quite long hair.
I washed shirt and T-shirt, pressed into a towel and suspended outside the window (ah! those Italians!).

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