Saturday, October 24, 2015

A short hike along the Alentejo coast

In these last years I have been learning the Portuguese language. Thus, in order to give a try to my new linguistic ability, I decided to embark on a long distance walking in Portugal.
One week ago I went for the first time to Portugal where I visited Lisbon and walked along the splendid coast of Alentejo.

The Alentejo coast trail is a four legs hike of about 20 km a day.
It is called "Fishermen's Trail" (Trilho dos Pescadores) and, with the "Historical Way" and some circular routes, it is part of the "Rota Vicentina", a recent project of a walking system in the region.
The Fishermen's Trail lays along a gorgeous and unspoiled (protected area) coast of the Atlantic in southern Portugal.

The coast is mainly red sandstone around 60 meters over sea level. Sometimes the stone is also black or dark and stratified (like in Wales). But what is amazing is that on top of the cliffs (where one actually walks) there is a deep layer of sand dunes with the typical fragrant Mediterranean vegetation.
In the last leg (coming from the South) there are also very long stretches on beaches.
Between the end of leg villages there is definitely nothing; only savage nature!
The villages are very nice: whitewashed houses, bright colour framed.

Unfortunately I was obliged to skip two legs because I wasn't well.


Because the mild temperature I didn't carry a second fleece; neither did I carry shelter nor bedding, having booked ahead the relevant accommodations.
Thus, with 1.5 l of water and some reserve food I carried a scarce 4 kg rucksack.


The ocean breakers, the smell, Vila Nova de Milfontes


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