Thursday, April 10, 2008

Again on why not long distance walking in Italy

Well, I should have written this post in January but I've been a bit lazy.
For Christmas, my brother Luca offered me, as a gift, a book remarkably apropos the present topic.
Namely it is "Di buon passo" by Andrea Bocconi; a kind of journal, telling the author's adventures backpacking through Tuscany and Umbria, hitting the springs of the two major Central Italy rivers: Arno and Tevere.
I roughly reckoned he might have walked about 400 km during his 12 days journey.

I can hardly compare his mode of walking with mine: he carried a rather heavy backpack and he often camped while I'm aiming lightness and halting only in b&b or inns.

But I'm not going to review the book which - by the way - is rather nice. What interest me there is that Andrea implicitly confirms some of the aspects which I mentioned in an earlier post where I explained why I won't undertake any journey on foot in Italy.
In particular he often was not able to access the path because illegally blocked off by bordering real estate owners or obstructed by thorns uncut long since for lack of maintenance.
In conclusion, it seems that the journey frequently proceeded on the roads, beside motor vehicles.

That's a pity but who can help? I don't think the situation is going to improve considering the unrelenting spreading of illegality (and concrete) in this country.

I'm consoling myself by the perspective that within two week short I'm starting the Pembrokeshire Coast Path walk.

But more about that in the upcoming posts where my gentle readers will be acquainted with sundry matters like gear improvement, athlete's foot and the journey story.

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MarkG said...

Hi Sergio,

I have very much enjoyed reading your posts about walking. I found your blog as I am planning to walk and camp along the Norfolk Coast Path at the end of May.

It sounds like you may now be walking the Pembrokeshire Coast path - I am sure you will enjoy this path even more than the Peddars Way and Norfolk Coast. I walked the length of it last year. Please see my blog report at
I look forward to reading your impressions of the path.

If you are interested in other trails in the UK, I have also walked Offa's Dyke, Coast to Coast, Dales Way, West Highland Way, Pennine Way and the Inn Way to the Lake District (

This year I have planned Hadrian's Wall, Cumbria Way and two further Inn Way walks (Yorkshire Dales next week, and Northumberland in August)

Maybe one day we will cross paths on a trail!



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