Friday, October 26, 2007

The Start of the Journey


In the previous posts I have been talking about choosing the trail (for my first experience) and the equipment I set up.
From now on I will be narrating the very trip I made. In fact I am merely transcribing (and translating) the diary I kept during the journey.

Going away

September 5, 2007

Airport (Ciampino - Rome) - Morning

The adventure has begun! I'm waiting to board. A bit tense and tired - I haven't slept well.

As a matter of fact, I discovered that I might have brought the rucksack into the cabin but, actually, I couldn't because I've brought a knife.

Next time I won't bring any knife. I'll buy a cheap one on-the-spot which I'll drop before flying home. So I'll be able to carry the rucksack in cabin and save a lot of time after landing.

Thetford (Norfolk) - Afternoon

Boarding and flight regular. I've been even able to catch the 12,40 National Express coach thus getting to Thetford around 2 PM. By the way, as "promised" in the web site, I got the "oversixty" discount. At last an advantage of getting old!
Thetford lies in a nice vast forests area while the Newmarket region, the coach passed before, is very green being one of the most important horse racing, training and breeding center.

As soon as I alighted in Thetford I asked for the nearest supermarket which was along the river quite near the bus station.
Bought water, roquefort cheese, cucumber and a bag of Kent apples, I went to a nice place along the river with banks. Unfortunately I discovered that I had forgotten the rice cakes when I left home. So I had my lunch without any cereal stuff.

I walked a little in the town which I found not particularly nice nor well kept.
I visited St Mary, the oldest church of the town, sadly abandoned and skirted by ugly flats.
On the contrary, the priory remnants are very suggestive. The best preserved part is the Gatehouse.

Actually, now the knapsack with one liter water and the food, seems very heavy. I'm a little concerned for tomorrow.

The camera signalizes already low battery! I'm writing these notes while waiting for the opening of the b&b at 6 PM. I've still one hour ahead. A Canadian goose is repeating its cry.

Thetford (Norfolk) - Evening

The b&b is modest but clean (The Pink Cottage, 43 Magdalen St. - £25,00). Shower and toilet on the landing.
Dinner at Black Horse pub, just opposite the b&b.
Roasted lamb with potatoes (boiled and mashed), vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli and leeks). The gravy is served in an eatable container. Reasonable price: £10.
The b&b lady has kindly booked a taxi for the morning (no public transports to the start of the Peddars Way).
After dinner a short walk in the town. The weather is mild. The traditional houses are built with flint pebbles, most halved. The edges are very sharp. It's the first time I see flint stones; I understand now how they were able to make knives with and why it was so precious.
My mother called me but, sadly, I was obliged to cut short because the high roaming rates. I'll call her tomorrow evening from a public phone.

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