Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fife Coastal Path

At the start with the Rail Bridge behind

My second long distance walk in Scotland. But this time I was lucky (save for a severe pain in a foot): no incessant rain nor flooded terrain like last summer along the Berwickshire Coastal Path.
On the contrary, dry weather (save some drizzles during the last leg) and even two shining sunny days.

As a matter of fact, I didn't walk the whole path. I started from Inverkeithing on the Firth of Forth and finished at St Andrew on the Firth of Tay.
By bus I skipped some bleak conurbations (Kinghorn, Kirkcaldy, Buckhaven and Methil).
I have walked about 90 km in 4 full days and 2 half days (first and last legs) which amounts to an average of 18 km per day.
The shortest leg was about 10 km (Inverkeithing-Aberdour) walked on the afternoon of June the 17th arriving directly from Edinburgh Airport.
The longest one was about 27 km from St Monans to Pitmilly B&B (between Kingsbarns and St Andrews).
The path is generally easy with a few steep up-and-downs especially between Kingsbarns and St Andrews.
The signposting is excellent; I lost the track only once probably in a moment of inattentiveness.
Walking barefoot the long beach East of Lower Largo

Gorgeous pink sandy beaches, birds (herons, oystercatchers, wrens, kites, etc.), some nice coastal villages, lush woods.

But what I loved best was seeing three seals placidly swimming near the coast. It is the first time in my life that I see a seal in the real world (see above video).

Bleak conurbations (Kinghorn, Kirkcaldy, Buckhaven and Methil).

Nothing new: 4 kg rucksack load with half liter of water and basic camping gear (mattress, sleeping bag, poncho shelter, pegs  and pole).

Perhaps the Cleveland Way in September when heather in full blossom.
Approaching St Andrews. Tayside in the background

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